• Some Suggestions for Dealing with Blue Stain

    Some Suggestions for Dealing with Blue Stain

    Wood bluing(blue stain) is usually due to the invasion of fungi in the wood, causing blue spots to appear on the surface of the wood. Here are some suggestions for dealing with blue stain: 1. Removing Affected Areas: Affected blue wood can be removed by sanding the surface of the plank to ensure...
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  • SPOGA+GAFA 2023 Cologne Germany

    SPOGA+GAFA 2023 Cologne Germany

    We are pleased to announce that from June 18th to 20th, our company Xiamen GHS Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. participated in the SPOGA+GAFA 2023 exhibition held in Cologne, Germany. Our company has achieved great success in this exhibition. During the event, we had the honor to meet many new and...
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  • Welcome to SPOGA+GAFA 2023 Fair

    Are you ready to get a glimpse of the latest and most innovative products in the gardening and outdoor industry? If so, we warmly invite you to visit us at our booth D-065 in hall 9 of "SPOGA+GAFA 2023" Cologne, Germany from June 18th to 20th, 2023.     We are excited to present our la...
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  • 2020 Shanghai Exhibition

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  • MMXIX se ferre Koelnmesss

    MMXIX se ferre Koelnmesss

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  • Fair Hong Kong Books

    Fair Hong Kong Books

    In January 2019, we participated in the Hong Kong Toy Fair on the third time, exhibiting children’s play houses, sandboxes, outdoor kitchens, table and chairs and other products.
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    Founded in MMVI, Xiamen GHS Industry & Trade Co, Ltd est unus of plumbum fabrica of supellectilem in Sina lignum velit. Et collocavit in Xiamen turma, quae est a Visitor urbis civitatem in meridiem Sina in litore. Nos specialiter una completa lignum range of Chinese facta de ...
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